How to optimise the value of referrals for your firm

November 7th 2022 | Posted by Phil Scott

Referrals are a valuable tool for any accounting firm. They have long been one of the most effective ways to acquire new customers.

However, traditional word of mouth referrals are no longer sufficient in the modern competitive market. Now is the time to embrace the opportunities of the online world. Acquiring the right type of referrals and reviews online allows you to use them as part of a successful marketing strategy.

Getting the right type of reviews

Every business that wants to succeed needs reviews from its customers and clients. So, making it obvious that you want reviews from your clients is essential. Doing this involves being visible with your review requests and making it easy for clients to comment on your services.

Firms that are most successful at doing this also think carefully about which area they most need reviews and referrals for and they target this area. For example, your firm may want to expand its client base in the audit space, so it makes sense to actively encourage client referrals in this area

Optimising referrals with your online presence

While many businesses still find accountants through word of mouth, they are now more likely than ever to check reviews and recommendations online before they make a final decision to commit. When you add to this the fact that a considerable number of businesses rely solely on online searches to find accountants to work with, you realise just how valuable your online presence is.

Accounting firms that recognise this value are taking steps to strengthen their online presence using services such as Google My Business. Using a free business profile in this way provides the opportunity for clients to view the contact details and physical location of your firm in the same place as they read client reviews. Encouraging your current clients to leave reviews on Google means that potential future clients get to see them and are able to contact you immediately using the details provided on your Google My Business profile.

Using referrals and reviews in your marketing

Online marketing is a vital tool in expanding your customer base. Including your reviews and referrals in your marketing strategies optimises their values. You can do this by promoting your reviews online, so prospective clients are able to see first hand the value you can provide for their business.

Finally, the most ambitious firms back up the positive reviews and referrals they receive by producing valuable content online. This content is often in the form of blog posts that provide more detail and insight behind what clients are saying and enable visitors to their website to see the value they provide.

Adopting this combination of marketing techniques allows you to optimise the value of referrals for your firm. At the same time, you are able to back this optimisation up by ensuring your referrals and reviews are an integral part of your wider content marketing strategy

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