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Interview Tips

Tips for interview success

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Interview Tips

Always view an interview as a 2-way process.  The employer will evaluate the impact you could make to their business and you will have a chance to find out more about the role, the company and its culture.

Accountancy Recruit has put together some top tips for interview success:

Do your research – preparation is key.  To be successful at interview you need to have done your homework, be informed on the company, its recent achievements and what makes it unique.  Hit the web – visit the company website, search the company name, read any media coverage, look up their accounts – after all, you do work within finance!

An interviewer will pick up straight away on a candidate who isn’t informed and it leaves a negative first impression.  Prove you are serious about wanting the job by demonstrating your commitment to finding out more!

Review your CV – successful job hunting is much more than simply writing a strong CV.  When you’re at interview stage, you really want to bring your CV to life.  You should know your CV inside out and be able to specifically relate it to the interview, job spec and employer.

Think about how your particular achievements and experience are relevant to this role.   Make sure you can recall key examples of success that show what you can bring to the position and set you apart from the competition.

Dress for success – this may sound simple and obvious, but remember this is your first impression and you want it to be the best.  Take an extra few minutes to make sure you’re ready and that you are making the impression that you want.  Be polished, well dressed and professional.  It is less likely that you will be penalised for being too smart than being too scruffy.

Don’t be late – being late to an interview tells the employer you are not taking the opportunity seriously.  If you are serious about getting the job, of course you will be prompt, ready and waiting to sell yourself.  This point is simple, know where you are going and how long it takes to travel there, then add in contingency time just in case.

Answer the question – be clear in your answers.  Take a moment to consider exactly what they are looking to find out and formulate an answer that illustrates your strengths in this area.  Draw from past examples of your work and highlight your achievements.   Expand on your reply, but avoid waffling and giving a never-ending answer!

Ask interesting questions – this is your chance to demonstrate your interest in the position.  Ask questions that show you have thought about the company, its goals and future direction.  Ask questions that show you can visualise yourself in this role, exceeding expectations and making a difference to the company.

Show your personality – don’t forget to be yourself and let your individuality shine through!

If you are an employer and are unsure of what questions to ask your potential finance professional in an interview, please download one of our templates.

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