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CV Writing Advice

Accountancy Recruit has carried out extensive research to find out how hiring managers read CVs. Here are a few tips on how to make your CV stand out.

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At Accountancy Recruit, we want to help you sell yourself in the best possible way.

Here, we’ve outlined a standard CV writing template to get you going…

  • Basic personal details
  • Introduce yourself with a personal profile or overview
  • Your work history (list roles and describe what your company does in a couple of concise sentences and consider including turnover and employee numbers).

Split each position into two sub-headings:

  • Responsibilities: Talk about your normal responsibilities. Don’t assume the reader will know exactly what an finance professional does.
  • Achievements: What have you done to go above and beyond your job?
  • List your education, qualifications and/or professional development
  • List your hobbies at the end if you have any relevant or unique ones. Keep them to a minimum.


  • List your details in reverse chronological order (latest first), explain any gaps, and give the greatest focus to current role activities.
  • List achievements in bullet points to make it easy to read. Don’t use paragraphs as you will lose the reader halfway through — this is statistically proven.
  • Keep it concise and readable by avoiding jargon and acronyms.
  • Use bold to emphasise headings.
  • Referees can be provided on request if you need the space. Consider using LinkedIn testimonials.
  • Don’t write the CV as if it were for a third party.
  • Keep it consistent throughout when using tense to describe the duties you have undertaken.
  • Only half of all people read a cover letter so ensure important points are also in your CV.
  • Tailor your CV to each job, using areas of your experience and skill set and linking them to the job description (roles and responsibilities).

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