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Resignation letter templates for finance professionals

If you are already planning to leave your current role and need some guidance, download our resignation letter templates – tailored for working your whole contractual notice period, asking for reduced notice or if you are unable to work your notice.

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Resignation letter templates for finance professionals

Have you secured a new position, looking at your notice period and hopefully negotiated a start date with your new employer? We have prepared some resignation letter templates for just such an occasion.  If you are completing the whole of your contractual notice period, use resignation letter template 1

In many instances, once you’ve made up your mind you want to leave, it often suits both parties for you not to hang around any longer than is necessary. Resignation letter template 2 is for people who wish to request an earlier exit.

In some situations, you may have been given an offer that is conditional of an earlier start date than your notice period allows. If you do not wish to miss out on the new job opportunity then you may decide you are not intending to stick to your whole notice period. Resignation letter template 3 is for this scenario.

Before you decide you are not completing your full notice period, you need to be aware of the implications this could bring. You are in effect breaking your contract of employment. If a financial loss is incurred as a result then your current employer could decide to sue you for damages. However, they would need to prove the financial loss they have incurred which can be a difficult thing to substantiate, as a result, there are not many instances of companies suing employees for not completing their notice period.

Rather than burn bridges and suffer reputational damage, our advice is that it is always better to try to negotiate an amicable solution with your current employer.

Below are a few prepared templates that finance professionals can use when resigning from their jobs.

Resignation letter template 1 – Working your whole notice

Resignation letter template 2 – Asking for a reduced notice

Resignation letter template 3 – Unable to work your whole notice