How to attract ambitious accountants

November 7th 2019 | Posted by Dave Cross

How to attract ambitious accountants

How to attract ambitious accountants

Passion-driven, ambitious accountants are highly prized in business. This is because they can bring a company’s finances to a successful position in order to help it grow.

Accountants who are both good at their jobs and highly enthusiastic individuals can bring a lot to a company. That’s why it’s important to seek them out when you are recruiting.

If you are a managing director, finance director or financial controller on the lookout for ambitious accountants, here are 4 strategies to attract them…

1. Go digital

According to a survey from ACCA, many younger people believe that technology will have a positive impact on career opportunities. Even more important than that, they believe they can take on the digital era with sheer comfort and ease.

85% of the survey’s respondents working in the largest accountancy firms saw technology as an opportunity to focus on much higher value-adding activity.

The survey also suggests that young people understand the effect technology has had and how it affects the skills needed in accountancy and finance. For this reason, newly qualified accountants are often well prepared for using new technology and can bring this knowledge into the businesses they work for.

2. Encourage development

Most qualified and talented individuals are looking for opportunities to grow and develop in their jobs.

According to ACCA, accountants aim to new learn, grow and develop within an organisation more than in most jobs. In other words, they want job satisfaction.

If you want to attract ambition, you need to offer your employees real development opportunities.

3. Offer a good work/life balance

Even ambitious people suffer from stress. With all the stress of modern life, it’s an attractive prospect for accountants to look for jobs where they won’t suffer from burnout.

You can take steps to offer a better work-life by considering flexible working, such as the option to work from home or flexi-time.

4. Create ‘career maps’ for your employees

Creating ‘career maps’ for determined and ambitious accountants will show you are willing to invest in your employees to help them improve in their careers.

Within the career map, you should include timeframes, rewards, and milestones for achievements.

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