Tips for attracting and hiring top accounting graduates

August 7th 2020 | Posted by Dave Cross

Tips for attracting and hiring top accounting graduates

Tips for attracting and hiring top accounting graduates

The graduates that accounting firms are hiring today are different from their predecessors.

They expect to interact with firms, and develop relationships with them, using technology. They also expect to have a more flexible working experience.

In order to attract these graduates, firms need to make sure that they use the right hiring processes. With this in mind, there are several important tips to be aware of.

Engage with future professionals before they graduate

In today’s accounting job market, students are securing positions with firms before they graduate. This means that the most forward-thinking firms engage with students during their university career. They do this by liaising with universities and securing opportunities to take part in classroom sessions and lectures.

Understand potential candidates

In order to develop tailored hiring and interview processes, top accounting firms develop an understanding of the candidates that they want to attract.

In the case of Generation Z graduates who are entering the job market, this often involves aspects such as efficient use of technology, authenticity of the brand and flexibility in work practices.

Craft a job description that sells

A job description should not simply be a list of bullet points. It has to be attractive to the candidates that an accounting firm is looking to attract.

This involves using the right language. It may also involve using more innovative delivery techniques, such as video. There is certainly an argument for the use of multimedia techniques in today’s accounting related job descriptions.

Think outside the basic salary package

There is so much competition when it comes to attracting top-level accounting graduates that even a competitive salary is not necessarily going to be attractive enough.

Firms who attract the high calibre graduates they are looking for are those that design benefits plans that are attractive to the new generation of accounting professionals.

These plans can include features such as remote working opportunities, additional paid parental leave and social opportunities.

Make sure your brand appeals to young talent

Today’s talented accounting graduates are attracted by brands that are known for being transparent and having a high level of integrity.

They also expect firms to make efficient use of technology. This means that firms that are most successful look at how their communication channels reflect this. This includes reviewing the content and quality of their website and social media channels.

In summary

Hiring the top graduates is not always a simple process for accounting firms given the competitive market that exists. This means that the firms that are most successful are the ones that think carefully about their recruitment processes and tailor them to the candidates that they want to attract.

Doing this gives a firm the best opportunity to hire potentially top-level professionals at the start of their accounting career. This is essential in protecting the ongoing excellence of a firm and its position in the industry.

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