Why use social media in your recruitment strategy?

August 29th 2019 | Posted by Dave Cross

Why use social media in your recruitment strategy?

Why use social media in your recruitment strategy?

If you are thinking about hiring an accountancy professional, you may be thinking about using social media as a potential route.

With 73% of companies have used social media as a medium to recruit and hire new employees – platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have revolutionised the entire recruitment process.

However, despite the ease of access, social media platforms have to offer many employers, and HR professionals are wary of their involvement in the recruitment process. On the contrary, using social media can improve the scope of any organisation’s job advertising, along with the opportunity to highlight and differentiate your company’s values and culture.

Some other benefits of incorporating social media into your organisations recruitment regimen include:

1. Increased visibility

Perhaps the most significant advantage of using social media to advertise any new job openings is singlehandedly, the increased visibility. When you advertise your job openings solely through job boards, you significantly limit the number of people that posting reaches.

Through platforms such as LinkedIn, as an employer, you can gain access to the brightest candidates within the course of a couple of clicks. Moreover, you can pursue specifically tailored applicants for niche roles in your company.

With social media, you can effectively increase the number of people who apply for your posting, along with garnering a pool of capable and bright applicants to choose from.

2. Targeted vacancies

Another benefit of actively using social media platforms to market any new openings in your company is that you get the opportunity to target your vacancies more.

If you need to hire someone for a particular job sector, you can post that vacancy on specific Facebook and LinkedIn groups. The response you receive will contain applicants relevant to the role you wish to fill.

However, as a side note, try not to spam these groups on either of the social media platforms mentioned above, since that’ll probably get you reported for spam.

3. Promotion of your company’s values

Once you’ve established social media accounts for your company, you can easily promote your organisation’s values through it.

For most companies, promotion of their values ends at the ‘About Us’ section on their website. With social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, employers can always keep their followers in the loop regarding the latest happenings and vacancies within the company.

4. Find out more about your applicants

Now that you’ve expanded your reach on social media, and received multiple job applications, how do you separate the wheat from the chaff? Well, through a simple social media check.

To ensure that the applicants you’ve shortlisted would be a good match within your organisation, you can view their LinkedIn and other social media profiles to get a rough idea about their beliefs, and the type of content that they engage with.

Since most job applications contain only the most relevant information about a potential employee’s skills and training, a social media check enables you to go beyond that.

5. It’s free

Most features offered by these social media platforms are free of cost and offer a multitude of benefits to both the employee and the employer.

Amalgamating social media platforms to your recruiting process might be time-consuming, but pays off generously in the long run.

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