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Why work with an Accountancy Recruitment Agency?

Working with a specialist Accountancy Recruitment Agency can bring many benefits.  Recruitment consultancies that are experts in their field will deliver a smooth recruitment process, saving clients both time and money. An experienced Accountancy Recruitment Agency will have an excellent network of high calibre candidates, providing a unique pool of talent for clients to tap into.

Things to discuss with your agency

Detailed brief & job specification

Although a specialist recruitment agency provides expert knowledge and capability, it is still essential for a client to thoroughly examine their requirements and use this insight to create and shape a detailed job specification.

This process will enable the Accountancy Recruitment Consultant to refine their candidate search from the outset and provide a short list of the highest calibre, most suitable candidates in terms of qualifications, skills, experience and background.  It also gives clients the opportunity to drill down to their specific needs and expectations from this role and potential candidates.


During consultation, the recruitment consultancy and client will work together to establish achievable timescales and deliverables to secure a successful candidate.

It is likely that a 2-stage interview process will be put in place, allowing for candidates to be further shortlisted in advance of a more in-depth interview.  A financial recruitment agency will guide the process, ensuring timescales are followed and interviews scheduled promptly. Remember, candidates will judge the company by the structure of the recruitment process. Without a timely schedule in place it is common for candidates to lose interest or accept other offers from your competition.


With thorough market knowledge, specialist Accountancy Recruitment Consultants will be able to give a realistic assessment of a client’s budget and advise if it follows current market trends to secure an outstanding candidate.

Finding the ideal candidate

As a specialist Accountancy Recruitment Agency, we are perfectly placed to deliver a shortlist of ideal candidates.  While general agencies may use advertisements as their main vehicle to attract candidates, a specialist agency will tap into their network of contacts, where relationships and knowledge have been grown and nurtured.  These relationships give clients access to talented, professional candidates that may otherwise have been hard to find.

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