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Corporate Finance Executive Interview Questions

We asked some of the corporate finance executives within our network what questions they have previously been asked in an interview. Here are their answers. Feel free to incorporate any of these questions into your corporate finance executive interview process.

Remember that interview questions will vary dramatically in a corporate finance executive interview. They will depend on the reason you are hiring a corporate finance executive. At Accountancy Recruit, we can help you with questions tailored to your individual circumstances.

However, if you are recruiting directly, below are a few stock questions that you may choose to use in your corporate finance executive interview.

1. How would you evaluate projected business strategies?

2. Provide an example of an investment decision that you have made previously?

3. Describe how you would set working capital management goals?

4. What is the difference between corporate finance and financial management?

5. What are the advantages of using debt recov…TO BE CONTINUED. CLICK BELOW FOR THE FULL TEMPLATE

Download complete corporate finance executive interview questions (editable template, MS Word)


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